Simple ways To Prevent aging

Anti-aging product industry is a big billion market. Each year millions of people spend money on the range of products intended to delay the signs of aging. But is simpler, often the natural way to design and adolescents. There are natural ways to prevent aging, without having to spend money on the latest anti-aging formula designed to cosmetic companies.

Without doubt, the biggest culprit of aging is subjected to Sun. This requires, therefore, a protective measure to reduce adverse effects.

Take preventive action Sun with cream in the long term can contribute to back injury Sun, even for those who suffer from mild skin disorders.
Avoid Sun

There are simple tips on how to avoid the sun ..

* If you are outside a lot, kept in the shade. If you happen to travel a lot, trying to keep in the shade as you can. There are always buildings, trees that provide some shade. It may sound like it is too cautious, but go on Sunday almost everyday for 30 minutes for the whole summer, no doubt will lead to some skin damage that skin color. Sunday back injury is extremely difficult, so it is better to be careful to avoid damage on Sunday in the first place.

* Before you go, wear cream Sunday with a protection factor of at least 30 (SPF 30). This will provide the necessary protection against the harmful rays emitted by Sunday

If you work in construction or other jobs that require many outdoor activities, it is crucial that you wear cream Sunday for at least half an hour before the compensation of their work and apply it in half cream Sunday afternoon, as the effects of Sunday cream may suffer a few hours.
Exercise reverse aging

Exercise to lose fat or simply as a form is a great way to slow aging. Regular exercise keeps the skin firm and improving elasticity of skin and more radiant panels with a beautiful glow. Of course, a healthy physique and post can take years its seems so good. Exercise is also important for sales.

There is great scientific evidence linking stress and the onset of aging. Regular exercise helps to release chemicals that help the body cope with stress more easily than would otherwise be the case, without exercise.

Diet is another important factor to look younger. Anti aging diet consisting of food rich in nutrients will provide the necessary vitamins to renew skin cells.

* Avoid taking too much caffeine as tea, coffee, Cola drinks.

* Avoid high intake of fat. Too much fat food as prepared cause excess sebum production that can clog pores. This will lead to a breakout in people, especially vulnerable, which of course will do damage to the skin.


There are certain vitamins that help with the natural process of renewal of the skin and slows the aging process ..

Vitamin A - Vitamin A has been shown in research to help reverse damage to the skin and prevent the development of squamous cell cancer of the skin. But if you decide to take vitamin A supplements, make sure not to overdose or unnecessarily high amounts. Excessive intake of vitamin A over a long period may pose a risk to health.

Vitamin C - helps to reduce skin damage from Sunday Vitamin C can be found in generous amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D - can be found in some dairy products, breakfast cereals, fish. Vitamin D helps

Vitamin E - helps to prevent damage to cells. It is a great type of antioxidant.

One way to ensure you get a good dose of these vitamins is to take vitamin supplements on top of it from food sources. Multivitamins are cheap and good alternative sources.
Daily exfoliation of the skin

Always perform fatsialen exfoliation with a light exfoliant. Just gently massage the skin after washing face with slightly warm water. This will get rid of dead skin cells from the outer layer of skin. There are excellent fatsialen exfoliants made from natural ingredients such as apricot. After exfoliating the skin, put some cream Sunday. One Sunday cream is essential for all damages, back Sunday and, of course, it provides permanent protection against harmful rays.


Alok Kumar said...

One way to ensure you get a good dose of these vitamins is to take vitamin supplements on top of it from food sources. Multivitamins are cheap and good alternative sources.
Daily exfoliation of the skin

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